Escar UK Bronze : The Set Up & Maintenance of Marble Floating Spheres


DO NOT place the sphere at any time on any rough surface as this may cause scratching and/or damage

We recommend it is placed on a blanket or something of a similar medium

Although the cup and sphere will have been cleaned and wax treated before leaving our warehouse, it is advisable to make sure there is no debris in the cup or pipe before commencing set-up and to give the cup and sphere a further wax treatment with Tenax maintenance liquid or any other equivalent proprietary brand

If transporting the base and ball together, place a piece of cardboard between them to prevent damage


The water catchment area should be at least 60cm dia. larger than the widest part of the stone but we recommend the using a pond liner to expand this area even further, to allow for spray caused by the wind, etc.

There will be an element of natural water evaporation therefore if you wish to avoid the necessity of constantly checking and filling the sump, we advise fitting a ball cock system so that should the level drop, the sump will automatically refill

Also make sure you use a pump of suitable size to commence rotation and that the water is clean and free of grit

IT IS IMPORTANT that the pump is fitted with a filter as any debris entering the cup will prevent the sphere from turning and possibly cause damage to the cup or ball

If using pebbles as a decorative cover ‘MAKE SURE’ these are washed through thoroughly before placing in the sump as any grit can get drawn up into the cup

To remove debris from the cup, lift the ball for a few seconds until the water runs clean


To run effectively the cup in which the sphere sits ‘MUST BE LEVEL’

But please note, the cup and base are not necessarily machined to the same level as the base is a natural stone

If at some point you experience irregular spurting water to one side of the sphere, this may indicate that it is not completely level in the cup and the base needs to be tilted slightly towards the spurt of water by using small wedges to make minor adjustments

Alternatively, there could be debris in the system so raise the sphere slightly to flush out the space


If at first your sphere runs intermittently and needs help to start revolving, providing it has been set up correctly, this will normally be self-correcting after a day or two of, ‘run-in time’

But please be aware that fitting involves a certain amount of ‘trial & error’ to achieve a perfectly working Floating Sphere, so don’t be daunted if it does not work perfectly from the ‘Get Go’


Marble is a porous stone and the surface will become dry and matt if not maintained, especially when left in-operative in an outside environment. So it is also essential to maintain the sphere by applying regular coats of wax

Also if your water feature has to be turned off for an extensive period, we recommend that the sphere is removed and stored inside on suitable protective material, in order to avoid scratching the surface

Before re-uniting the sphere with its stone base, apply a good coating of wax to the cup and the sphere as a lubricant


Unfortunately Escar UK Bronze can take no responsibility for any damage that may occur either to the base or the sphere if the guidelines outlined above are not followed implicitly by the customer, after purchasing this water feature

Escar UK Bronze -:- The Care of Marble Kugel Floating Spheres
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