Bronze Figures : Old Jack and Martha


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Bronze Figures : Old Jack and Martha

Hollow Cast Bronze Statues -:- Hollow Cast Bronze Sculptures
Dive into the bronze craftsmanship world of Escar UK Bronze with Old Jack and Martha, a mesmerizing duo of life sized bronze figures where every aspect of these extraordinary sculptures has been meticulously considered, resulting in a captivating work of art that transcends time
These remarkable Hollow Cast Bronze statues pay homage to the enduring human connection shared by Old Jack and Martha, as they sit together, on a bench
Crafted from Hollow Cast Bronze and patinated in black, brown, green and skin tones, this piece is a testament to the enduring 6,500-year-old tradition of Lost Wax Bronze Casting, renowned for its precision and detail
Whether displayed indoors or out, this sculpture embodies the charm and elegance of companionship, inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty of shared moments


Patination : Black / Brown / Green / Skin Tones
Material : Hollow Cast Bronze
Method : Lost Wax Bronze Casting
Dimensions : Life Size
Weight : Unknown
Price : P.O.A. (please see below)


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Kindly be aware that all our items are meticulously produced by hand and it is often necessary to periodically refresh artwork and moulds, due to natural degradation. Therefore dimensions and weights can vary slightly over time and are quoted as approximations for guide purposes only
The same for colours. As each bronze is hand-patinated, colours can vary slightly from those depicted on this website. But if you do have a particular colour or shade in mind, please discuss your requirements when ordering as all of our products can be coloured to suit your needs. For stock items, if colour could be an issue, we are more than happy to forward an image for approval before taking your order
Also, please accept our apologies for quoting P.O.A. on many of our products but with the majority being cast to order, volatility in the price of base metals makes it virtually impossible to keep prices updated on a regular basis
So contact us now, for a quote based on today’s current Metal Market Price
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Bronze Sculptor John Cox
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