Bronze Elves : Two Elves : Sheltering from a Shower


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Bronze Elves : Two Elves Sheltering from a Shower

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An exquisite hollow cast bronze Two Elves Sheltering Under a Mushroom from a Shower Sculpture, by bronze artist John Cox of Escar UK Bronze

With overall dimensions of 70cm high x 85cm wide x 45cm deep and weighing 26 kilos, the beautiful blue, brown and skin tone patina adds depth and character and the bronze material ensures durability and longevity

Whether displayed in a garden or as a focal point in a room, this stunning sculpture is sure to impress and delight all who see it and its intricate design and lifelike features make it a truly remarkable work of art, that will be treasured for generations to come

So bring a touch of enchantment and wonder to your home or garden today, with this captivating bronze Two Elves Sheltering from a Shower sculpture


Hollow Cast Bronze Two Elves Sheltering Under a Mushroom from a Shower


Patination : Blue / Brown / Skin Tones

Material : Hollow Cast Bronze

Method : Bronze Lost Wax Casting

Overall Dimensions : Approx. 70cm high x 85cm x 45cm wide

Weight : Approx. 26 Kilos

Created by John Cox : 2008

Price : P.O.A. (please see below)

Old Product Code : SHOWER



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Bronze Sculptor -:- John Cox (1952-2014)
Escar UK Bronze : Bronze Elves : Two Elves Sheltering from the Rain
Wikipedia -:- For further info on Lost Wax Casting -:- The Crucible
Hollow Cast Bronze Statues UK -:- Hollow Cast Bronze Sculptures UK