Bronze Commission : The Falconer


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Bronze Figure : The Falconer

Hollow Cast Bronze Commissioned Statue

The hollow cast bronze commission sculpture : The Falconer was a truly exceptional sculpture that showcased the unparalleled craftsmanship of the renowned bronze artist John Cox, of Escar UK Bronze

Unfortunately, it was a Private One Off Commission, therefore we cannot offer it for sale to the General Public

But we display it here to show that not only are we able to supply a large range of standard catalogue pieces, we are also able to undertake One Off Bespoke Commissions, for Private Customers as well

The Falconer represents the essence of bespoke artistry, meticulously created in hollow cast bronze using the lost wax bronze casting method, to fulfil the vision of a discerning private client

This unique masterpiece stands as a testament to our dedication to creating one of a kind sculptures, tailored to the specific desires and preferences of individual customers

Whether you dream of a personalised piece for your home, office or any other setting, we are committed to transforming your vision into a tangible work of art

So if you are looking for a bespoke bronze sculpture or statue, get in touch to discuss your own unique personal commission


Patination : Black / Brown / Green / Skin Tones

Material : Hollow Cast Bronze

Method : Lost Wax Bronze Casting

Dimensions : Approx. 230cm high

Weight : Approx. 125 Kilos

Year Created : 2008

Price : Not for Sale : One Off Commission



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Bronze Artist -:- John Cox (1952-2014)
Escar UK Bronze : Bronze Commission : The Falconer
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