Escar UK Bronze : About Us

Capturing the Timeless Appeal of this Classic and Modern Art Form in Bronze

Established in 1985 by John and Joy Cox, Escar UK Bronze have become one of the leading producers and retailers of bronze sculptures in the UK today, being particularly recognised for their realistic, finely detailed, life-size statues
Bronze is a general term covering a variety of copper-based metal alloys and has been the choice of craftsmen worldwide for centuries
Using ancient traditional technique of lost wax casting, we at Escar UK Bronze are able to capture the precise definition of the original wax sculpture and produce an exact replica of the highest quality in bronze
Another area that showcases our expertise are our stunning life-studies of wild animals and we are particularly proud to be associated with the Elephant Rescue Foundation in Thailand
Thai Wax Arist
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Tawan Elephant : Commissioned by the Elephant Rescue Foundation : Chiang Rai : Northern Thailand