Escar UK Bronze : Restoration and Repair Services

Sculptures : Monuments : War Memorials

Escar UK Bronze along with our sister company, Bronze Sculpture Surgery, offer comprehensive maintenance programs to keep your purchase in absolute  pristine condition
In addition we are also skilled in carrying out first class repairs and restorations
If a sculpture has been damaged and parts are missing, we can sculpt brand new parts to match the original casting and patinate to make the repairs totally invisible
We offer the following services for the restoration, repair and maintenance of monuments, memorials and sculptures
  • Restorations
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Re-Location Sevices
  • Repairs & Renovations
  • Public Works Restorations
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Refinishing
  • Renovation & Repairs to Plinths and Masonry
Bronze Metal Worker : Welding
Architectural Metal Refinishing
A metal sculpture will last years, even centuries if treated and cared for in the correct manner
However, metal can be subjected to oxidation, corrosion and disintegration, particularly if located outside where it is exposed to an assortment of damaging elements such as wind, acid rain, airborne pollutants, insecticide sprays, to name but a few
If metal is not maintained, then all surfaces will age and wear overtime. This produces unsightly blemishes & oxidation and the Patination (colour treatment) will become dull and lifeless
The very nature of modern life means that we are also responsible for creating some of these harmful elements which can debase our works of art
We undertake a full on-site inspection in order to assess the condition of your sculpture. We provide a full report on the  repairs required and how we will carry out the remedial work. This can be either on site or at our workshop, whichever is more appropriate or practicable
All oxidation, corrosion, dirt and unsightly blemishes are removed and any structural flaws repaired. We will re-patinate as necessary and apply essential sealants to protect it
By following the above procedures, we guarantee to return your statue to its former glory
With correct professional remedial treatment, sculptures can be restored to a pristine condition as, we did with the Horses of Helios below
Bronze Restoration : The Horses of Helios : The Haymarket : London : UK
The Horses of Helios : The Haymarket : London : England